We understand that creative talent alone isn’t enough to make a success in the music business.  You also need business wisdom, persistence and limitless hard work.  We advise a range of clients, from stars-in-the-making to high-profile music moguls, on everything from structuring their new business to tax planning on an international scale.

Our team has a breadth of experience across all accounting areas which can help to ensure all our music clients meet their lifelong aspirations.  We understand the particular challenges in this unique industry sector and develop innovative strategies and solutions to maximise your business potential, working within a framework of current developments relevant to this fast-moving industry.

Music menu

  • Tour accounting
  • Monitoring royalty statements
  • Royalty audits and accounting
  • Advising upon overseas withholding taxes for both domestic and foreign artists
  • Liaising with HMRC to mitigate UK taxes on UK performance on behalf of overseas artists
  • Tax efficient structures
  • Reviewing contracts from both a commercial and a tax perspective
  • … and of course, all the usual accounting and tax services